Learn: Arm yourself with the right information

Research a key contributor to the success of any initiative.  A deep working knowledge of the history of an issue, the opinions of thought leaders, a review of existing obstacles, and a scan of stakeholder interests and motivations, can ensure the success of a concept.  From small-scale work to process-oriented collaborations, we offer a range of services that arm you with knowledge to help advance your mission.

  • Policy scans/policy research
  • Literature reviews
  • Market research
  • Resource and capacity review
  • Internal process review

Plan: Make smart and strategic choices to advance your mission

Gathering useful information is one thing, but putting it to good use is another essential skill.  A skilled outside facilitator provides leaders with the opportunity to step back from leading the conversation and take full part in conversations to determine future strategic directions and priorities.

  • Interpreting research
  • Strategy development
  • Program development
  • Evaluation framework development
  • Strategic planning
  • Growth Planning
  • System Planning

Do: Manage your work to have impact

Sometimes an organization can use some supplementary expertise to work on projects that the when the staff is already at capacity.  As arts and culture leaders who have worked in the field for many years, we offer expertise and experience in the following areas.

  • Program management
  • Program evaluation
  • Grant writing
  • Grant administration
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Internal Process Design
  • Partnership Development

Improve: Manage your work to have greater impact

In our work, we know that there’s always room for improvement.  This can take a variety of forms within an organization. 

  • Organizational culture and learning
  • Leadership coaching
  • Teamwork coaching
  • Professional development

Reflect: Understand your work

It’s so easy for cultural organizations to be caught up in doing the work that little space is made for evaluation and reflection.  To understand the impact of our past work and how to stay successful in a rapidly changing world, we need to consistently gather high-quality information about our activities and the environment to understand how well we are doing and how to improve.

  • Marketing needs assessment
  • Resource and capacity needs assessment
  • Post-event review
  • Case study summary